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  Mahder, Richards, Smith, Wojcik, Richards And Hanestad Win At Eagle Valley
by Brad Erickson

JIM FALLS, WI (July 14) - Fans at the Eagle Valley Speedway were treated to another hot day and good racing action on Sunday July 14, 2013. Tim's Automotive sponsored all six classes of racing with the WISSOTA AMSOIL dirt track series WISSOTA Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, EVS Pure Stocks, and EVS Hornets. In addition, Outlaw Wraps gave away a complete wrap to one lucky Midwest Modified driver. Feature winners included Cory Mahder, Tommy Richards, Josh Smith, Doug Wojcik, George Richards and Buddy Hanestad. Travis Anderson's name was drawn for the wrap.

The Modified field was paced by Cory Mahder and Bryan Nayes with Mahder taking the point for the first lap, but Nayes powered by on the outside to capture the lead on lap two. Nayes kept the lead until the halfway point with an aggressive attack on the high side when Mahder edged into the lead at the flag stand. As the entered turns one and two, Nayes jumped the cushion and made very hard impact with the wall. The caution flag regrouped the field and ended Nayes' great run. Mahder lead on the restart with Kent Baxter and Mark Gerth following in suit. The race ran caution free for the remaining nine laps as Mahder picked up his second win of the year, followed an impressive run by Kent Baxter, Gerth, Jay Richardson, and Jesse Glenz.

The Super Stocks were led to the green by Jason Vokovan and Chad Johnson. However a spin by Vokovan negated the first attempt and on the second try, third starting Tommy Richards gained the early lead. Racers behind the leader jockeyed for position and settled into single file formation. Another yellow flew for a spinning Vokovan, resetting the field before the halfway point. Richards continued to lead as Shane Kisling, Eric Olson, Mark Stender, and Chad Johnson followed. A spinning Matt McEathron brought out the caution and on the restart, racing was intense. As they came to the flag stand to complete a lap, Shane Kisling spun and made major contact with the front stretch wall ending his strong run. After the lap 11 restart, the race ran caution free the remainder of the distance. Richards lead the entire event followed by Mark Stender, Olson, Johnson and Don Muzzy.

Ross Fuhrman and John Feirn paced the Midwest Modified field to the green for their feature event as Josh Smith jumped up from his second row start and took the early lead. With two laps completed, 12th starting Shane Halopka had found his way to fifth. On lap three, Chad Olsen spun bringing out the caution. A lap later, the action was slowed again by the spinning Jason Richardson with Dean Pronschinke being charged with the caution At the halfway point, Smith continued to lead followed by a side by side battle between Travis Anderson and Halopka. With 11 laps completed, Richardson crashed bringing out the final caution. With four laps remaining, Halopka secured second over Anderson on the start and set off to catch Smith. At the white flag, he pulled even and they raced the final lap. Halopka had a great run off the top side in turn four and looked destined to win in the same fashion as the week before. However, this time, Smith pulled up in front of him, blocking his momentum. Smith won, followed by Halopka, Anderson, Jake Smith, and Andy Karl.

The Street Stock feature featured AJ Kania and Adam Soltis in the front row with third starting Danny Richards leading the first circuit. He was followed by Doug Wojcik, Soltis, and Ron Hanestad. At the halfway point, Wojcik was working the high side looking for the lead as Soltis pulled off. Coming to take the white flag, Wojcik made an aggressive move, battled the entire lap, and took the lead for good coming off turn four. Wojcik won his 12th feature of the year followed by Richards, Hanestad, Cody Kummer, and Kania rounding out the top five.

Jay Barnier Jr. was flanked by Talon Laabs at the beginning of the Pure Stock feature with the two front cars and last starting Jake Hansen involved in a first lap crash. Upon a complete restart, there was lap after lap of two wide, two deep racing that was too close to call. It was an amazing race with solid, clean driving. George Richards found the lead, but the caution flew for a spinning Pat Smith. After the restart, the great action continued as Richards drove to yet another win followed by Dalton Hazelton, Laabs, and Smith.

The EVS Hornets were paced by Jay Welk and Armond Love with Love leading lap one as Buddy Hanestad and Kasey Gross battled for second. The caution flew as Love spun and backed into the wall but he regained his position. Upon the restart, Hanestad drove to the lead and never looked back as the high school sophomore won his second career feature win, having just winning his first the evening before. He was followed by Gross, Welk, Scott Westaby, and Love.

Racing continues on Sunday July 21, 2013, when River Country Coop sponsors the ROC - Race of Champions WISSOTA 100 qualifier. All six classes will be in action with the WISSOTA Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, EVS Pure Stocks, and EVS Hornets.

Modified Feature -Cory Mahder, Kent Baxter, Mark Gerth, Jay Richardson, Jesse Glenz, Mike Anderson, Neil Balduc, Steve Lavasseur, Bryan Nayes DNF, Steve Hallquist DNF
Heat One -Baxter, Mahder, Gerth, Nayes, Balduc
Heat Two -Anderson, Glenz, Richardson, Hallquist, Lavasseur

Super Stock Feature - Tommy Richards, Mark Sender, Eric Olson, Chad Johnson, Don Muzzy, Jason Vokovan, Matt McEathron, Tony Falkner, Shane Kisling DNF, Curt Hazelton DNF, Jason Quarders DNF, James Cimfil DNF
Heat One - Kisling, Olson, Johnson, Stender, Falkner, Hazelton,
Heat Two - Richards, Vokovan, Quarders, Muzzy, McEathron, Cimfil

Midwest Modified Feature - Josh Smith, Shane Halopka, Travis Anderson, Jake Smith, Andy Karl, Ross Fuhrman, Chad Olsen, Dan Hesch, Dean Pronschinke, John Feirn, Brandon Lofgren, Antonio Pintaro, Jason Richardson DNF, Bob Wood DNF, Mike Schnider DNF
Heat One - Josh Smith Anderson, Feirn, Lofgren, Halopka, Wood, Schnider, Hesch
Heat Two - Olsen, Fuhrman, Jake Smith, Karl, Richardson, Pintaro, Pronschinke

Street Stock Feature - Doug Wojcik, Danny Richards, Ron Hanestad, Cody Kummer, AJ Kania, Travis Hazelton, Jason Bearden DNF, Adam Soltis DNF, Heidi Karshbaum DNS
Heat One - Wojcik, Richards, Soltis, Kania, Hanestad, Kummer, Bearden, Karshbaum, Hazelton

EVS Pure Stock Feature - George Richards, Dalton Hazelton, Talon Laabs, Pat Smith, Jay Barnier Jr DNF, Jake Hanson DNF
Heat One - Richards, Laabs, Smith, Hazelton, Barnier Jr, Hanson

EVS Hornet Feature - Buddy Hanestad, Kasey Gross, Jay Welk, Scott Westaby, Armond Love, Derek Knutson, Matt Marvin, Mike Peters DNF, James Ackerman DNF, Mark McQuiston DNS
Heat One - Gross, Welk, McQuiston, Ackerman, Peters
Heat Two - Hanestad, Westaby, Love, Marvin, Knutson

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