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  Anderson, Stender, Stai, and Kummer Big Eagle Valley Winners on Father's Day
by Gene Harmelink

Eagle Valley Speedway, June 17, 2012 - The largest crowd of the season, thanks in part to Gordy's IGA and Coca Cola, witnessed exciting racing as Miller Lite presented a night at the races at Eagle Valley Speedway.

In the WISSOTA/Amsoil race divisions, Mike Anderson put on a clinic to win in his Modified, Mark Stender bested the field in his Super Stock, Jake Stai showed them how to get it done in his Midwest Modified and Cody Kummer dominated, once again, in his Street Stock. In the Eagle Valley divisions, George Richards scored a victory in his Pure Stock as did Brent Voeltz in his Hornet.

The Super Stocks were up first with Matt McEathron and Tony Falkner on the front row. McEathron was the quickest, taking the lead by the time the cars rounded turn four with Falkner in second.

During laps two through six, McEathron continued to lead as Eric Olson moved up to second along with a very quick Tommy Richards who then captured the second spot by the end of lap five.

By the end of lap seven, Richards had maneuvered himself into the top spot sending McEathron to second as Olson ran third, Falkner ran fourth and Mark Stender ran fifth.

At the midway point of the race, Richards had things well in hand with Olson moving into second followed by Stender, McEathron and Falkner.

With five to go it looked like Richards had the win in the bag as Olson and Stender could not keep up.

As the white flag flew it was Richards once again, but then bad luck struck and Richards car's distributor let go as his car painfully slowed, and his night was done. Stender took the quickest advantage and shot to the top spot to take the win in his Carquest sponsored car. Olson and Falkner, along with two others who had profited by way of Richard's bad luck, Wayne Harris and Brad Edington, rounded out the top five.

Jake Stai and Jake Smith led the Midwest Modifieds to the starting line for the start of their feature with Stai taking the early lead.

Stai, trying to prove that you can't put a good man down, continued to lead as the cars rounded turn four for the second time with Smith running in second followed by Nick Koehler who had come from eighth, Grant Southworth, and Travis Anderson.

With half the laps in the books, Stai continued to lead and then the only caution of the feature occurred. On the restart, Stai once again assumed the lead with Koehler, Smith, Southworth and Anderson all giving chase.

As the checkered flew, Stai had survived for the win in his Kings Inn sponsored car with Koehler, Southworth, Smith and Anderson completing the top five.

The mighty Modifieds were up next with Jay Richardson and Mike Anderson first to take the green. Unfortunately for Richardson his night was a short one as his car lost a driveshaft as the cars were coming out of turn three prior to the completion of lap one.

When racing resumed, Anderson was quick to take the lead with Kevin Adams and Matt Leer, who had come from sixth, vying for second. Jesse Glenz, who had started seventh, and Bryan Nayes, meanwhile, battled for third.

As the cars came to the crossed flags, indicating that the race was half over, Anderson had put some distance between himself and the rest of the field as Adams and Leer were still in a fight for second and Glenz ran fourth with Steve Hallquist in fifth.

With five to go it was still Anderson in the lead and running in the middle of the track, Leer was still challenging Adams for second as they both ran low, Glenz ran fourth, sometimes going extremely high on the track and Hallquist was still ran fifth.

In the end it was Anderson with a back to back win in his Elwood Express sponsored car with Leer in second, Adams in third, Glenz in fourth and Hallquist in fifth.

The Street Stocks have been providing the fans with exciting action week in and week out and the crowd was once again anticipating that would be the case as Danny Richards and Mike Knudtson led the field to the starter's flag.

Richards was the early leader as Knudtson and Doug Wojcik worked on the second spot. Running just behind the top three, Cody Kummer and Adam Soltis fought it out for third.

As the cars rounded turn four for the fourth time, Kummer made a great move to the outside in turn four to grab the lead sending Richards to second. A caution for Troy Fransway, who had rolled in turn four during the next lap, stopped the race. Fransway was okay, but his car was unable to continue.

When racing resumed, Kummer once again shot to the front with Richards in pursuit along with Soltis, Wojcik and Knudtson.

Kummer continued to lead as the race reached the half-way point with Richards, Soltis, Knudtson and Wojcik still giving chase.

With five to go not much had changed as Kummer had the field covered and was pulling away but Wojcik had replaced Knudtson in fourth.

As the checkered flag flew it was Kummer picking up his eleventh win of the season in his Vince's Speed Shop sponsored car. Richards, Soltis, Wojcik and Knudtson rounded out the top five.

Pat Smith and Rod Ryba led the way for the start of the Pure Stock feature with last week's winner, Todd Roshell, taking the early lead, to lead lap one.

Roshell would relinquish his lead to Ryba for lap two, as Roshell was then challenged by George Richards for second.

Ryba led another lap, but Richards was on the move and by the end of lap five had taken the lead sending Ryba to second followed by Roshell, Dalton Hazelton, and Smith.

With three laps to go, Richards was running away from the pack, Ryba had moved back into second sending Roshell to third.

As the final flag flew, it was Richards getting his third win of the year in his Richard's Repair sponsored car followed by Roshell, who had nipped Ryba on the white flag lap, Ryba, Hazelton and Smith.

The Hornets had run their feature prior to intermission with Jay Welk and Robert Ellsworth on the front row for the start of their race.

It was Rocky Kempe, though, who would lead the first six laps of the feature as Brent Voeltz followed, after starting seventh.

By the end of lap seven, Voeltz was finished looking at Kempe's rear bumper as he made the pass for the lead, sending Kempe to second.

As the racers accepted the checkered flag, it was Brent Voeltz taking the win followed by Kempe, Scott Westaby, Welk and William Voeltz.

Despite the constant threat of rain all night, the races went on without a hitch and the fans were treated once again to great racing. To top it all off, the races were completed just after 8:00. What more could you ask for' Maybe fifteen free bikes' These bikes were courtesy of many who had donated to replace a stolen bike of an employee. Two bikes were once again provided by Kelly Oium Well Drilling and Kris Oium Blacktopping, just like they are every week.

Racing resumes on Sunday, June 24, when the races will be presented by JP Mechanical. All six divisions will once again be in action. Be there when the Valley Heats Up! Hot laps at 5:30 with racing at 6:00.

June 17, 2012 Results, Eagle Valley Speedway
Feature: Mike Anderson, Matt Leer, Kevin Adams, Jesse Glenz, Steve Hallquist, Zack Drews, Bryan Nayes, Mark Hanson, Jay Richardson
Heat: Hanson, Adams, Anderson, Richardson, Nayes, Leer, Glenz, Drews, Hallquist

Feature: Mark Stender, Eric Olson, Tony Falkner, Wayne Harris, Brad Edington, Matt McEathron, Jim Harris, Marcus Simonson, Cody Campeau, Tommy Richards, Shane Kisling, Jason Quarders
Heat 1: Stender, W Harris, Olson, J Harris, Campeau, Simonson
Heat 2: Kisling, Richards, Falkner, McEathron, Quarders, Edington

Feature: Jake Stai, Nick Koehler, Grant Southworth, Jake Smith, Travis Anderson, Justin Supri, Bryce Johnson, Michael Truscott, Nathan Thums, Lance Leu, Jeff Klopstein, Jr., Mike Ludwigson, James Bandow, Dean Pronschinke, Crystal Hanson, Shane Halopka, Alex VanNatta, Jeff Manor
Heat 1: Anderson, Supri, Halopka, Leu, Hanson, Thums
Heat 2: Koehler, Southworth, Johnson, Truscott, Ludwigson, Manor
Heat 3: Smith, Stai, Klopstein, Jr., VanNatta, Bandow, Pronschinke

Feature: Cody Kummer, Danny Richards, Adam Soltis, Doug Wojcik, Mike Knudtson, Nick Wojcik, Jamey Fisher, Ralph Stark, Andrew Cimfl, Jay Kesan, Travis Hzelton, Troy Fransway, Carolyn Nosser
Heat 1: D Wojcik, Kesan, Knudtson, N Wojcik, Stark, Fisher, Nosser
Heat 2: Kummer, Soltis, Richards, Fransway, Hazelton, Cimfl

Feature: George Richards, Todd Roshell, Rod Ryba, Dalton Hazelton, Pat Smith Jake Stowell, Bryan Ciolkosz, Andrew Conklin
Heat: Richards, Hazelton, Ryba, Smith, Roshell, Ciolkosz, Stowell, Conklin

Feature: Brent Voeltz, Rocky Kempe, Scott Westaby, Jay Welk, William Voeltz, Bill Odegard, Ashley Seidler, Robert Ellsworth

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