Doug Wojcik, Adams Continue Rice Lake Speedway Domination
by Ed Reichert

Rice Lake WI, June 4 - Doug Wojcik and Kevin Adams both earned their third feature wins in five nights of racing and continued their domination of their respective divisions to highlight the racing program Saturday night at the Rice Lake Speedway. While both drivers came from deep in the pack to win their main events, other winners on a beautiful Saturday night for auto racing included three first time winners in Shane Kisling, Cory Crapser and Nick Traynor.

Wojcik methodically picked his way through the field in the Street Stock main event as he came from the fourth row to win another feature at Rice Lake. In a race stopped just once for a debris yellow flag, there was a lot of passing and switching of positions throughout the pack.

Cody Kummer took the early lead from the outside pole as he edged ahead of Josh Amans for the initial lead. Kummer continued to lead for the first few laps in a strong run as Adam Soltis moved into the second spot and put the pressure on Kummer. Meanwhile, as the pack jockeyed behind him, Doug Wojcik moved to the front quickly as he found a hole in the pack and quickly drove into the third spot. Brother Nick Wojcik and Jay Kesan were also moving up quickly.

Doug Wojcik was able to get past Soltis for second and then closed on Kummer. Doug made a strong move to the bottom of the track and was able to drive past Cody and take over the lead. As Doug moved away from the pack, Soltis was able to take second but Nick Wojcik was also charging and he closed on the fellow Ladysmith driver.

While second year driver Doug Wojcik motored on for the win, Nick got past Soltis in the late going to make it a family sweep. Kesan raced into fourth at the finish while Kummer settled for a top five finish.

The Modifieds did the Street Stocks one better by running a nonstop twenty lap finale with Pat Hoffman and Shaun Kreyer battling in the early going for the lead, until Brent Prochnow came charging up and took over the lead. Adams remained mired in the pack for a few laps until he found the cushion and then he took off like he put his race car in another gear.

Adams flew around car at a rapid pace and quickly moved into the top three. As Prochnow and Mike Anderson were battling for the lead, Prochnow moved to the bottom to hold off Anderson and in that second, Adams motored to the open high side and blew past both cars to take over the lead. Once in front he kept the hammer down, and opened up nearly a straightaway advantage on the pack. The battle was now for second as Anderson and Prochnow raced side by side for a number of laps with neither able to establish any superiority.

Adams continued his hot pace and drove home unchallenged for the win, while Anderson edged past Prochnow with only a couple of laps left to take second. Mark Hessler came from the back row to tip Tim McMann for fourth at the line.

The Super Stock feature was a spirited contest throughout that got off to a rough start when Jason Forehand broke on the first lap on the front chute in heavy traffic, causing many in the field to take evasive action. The first lap issue eliminated both Forehand and Wayne Dean from the event.

On the restart, Shane Kisling blasted from the outside pole to take the early lead, with several drivers in hot pursuit. Scott Clark, Aaron Wilson, Tony Bahr, Steve Thomas and Ben Hillman were all fighting hard for position and jockeying on the track.

Three minor spins slowed the field and on each restart the double file lineups produced a new and different scenario as some drivers preferred the high side while others wanted to go to the bottom and it led to some wild jockeying for property once the green flag reappeared.

Veteran Bahr was able to squeeze past Wilson for the second spot, and driving a Kisling back up car, the battle for the lead soon found two identical cars running nose to tail. Bahr put the heat on Kisling, but Shane was steady on the cushion. On the last lap Bahr dropped low in turn four and tried to sneak under Kisling but Shane had him covered for his first win of the year at Rice Lake. Thomas was able to work his way into third at the line ahead of Hillman and Eric Olson.

Josh Smith led the opening laps of the Midwest Modified feature with Zach Manley and Crapser quickly moving in to challenge. Crapser was flying as he took over the second spot while Matt Leer was on the move from the fourth row. Crapser continued his charge as he took over the lead, ducking under Smith when he got too high in turn four. Leer followed suit as he drove into second but Manley was close behind and battling for the spot also.

Entering turn three, the two cars got together with both spinning and triggering the yellow flag. Crapser continued to lead but Leer, who was restored to second, was close behind and pressuring the leader. However, Leer was showing smoke from a tire, apparently rubbing against something as a result of the contact during the previous spin. Leer made it only a few laps before the tire went flat and he limped off the track as the race remained under the green.

Crapser then pulled away with Shane Halopka trying to track him down but the best battle was for third as Smith fought to hold off both Tito and Ryan Viltz. They continued to slug it out with much three wide racing during the final part of the event.

Crapser drove home for his first win here with Halopka settling for second. Tito Viltz was able to fight his way to third with Smith splitting the Viltz brothers in the final order.

It was heart ache in the Pure Stock feature for Gunnar Watkins. Watkins took the early lead in the event as the high schooler attempted to go back to back, having won last Saturday night also. He continued to hold the point through the first part of the race, withstanding pressure from Dustin Doughty and then John Erickson, Nick Traynor and Jamey Fisher.

Watkins continued to hold the lead when the yellow flew for a slowing car. However, when the race was ready to restart, Watkins, who was leading the pack suddenly lost power and stalled as the field took evasive action to avoid him. Gunnar was not able to get the car to refire and he retired to the pits.

Traynor inherited the lead with heavy pressure from Fisher until his motor went sour and he was forced to call it a night also. This moved Erickson back into second and he did his best to make a pass for the lead, but Traynor held tough and fought off all the pressure for the win. Erickson finished second ahead of C.J. Wagner, Jay Folz who came from the fourteenth starting spot and Krysta Swearingen.

Next Saturday night will be the LaVerne and Bill Crapser Memorial Race presented by Bob Seckora-Coldwell Banker. The feature races for the WISSOTA divisions will also be the qualifying events for the AMSOIL Race of Champions event to be held during the WISSOTA 100 in September at the Dakota State Fair Speedway in Huron South Dakota. The feature winners Saturday will automatically be qualified for that prestigious event. The draw/redraw format of formulating the starting lineups for the main events will be used next Saturday.

Rice Lake Speedway
Rice Lake WI
June 4, 2011
WISSOTA Modifieds
20 lap Feature - Kevin Adams, Cameron; Mike Anderson, Colfax; Brent Prochnow, Colfax; Mark Hessler, Menomonie; Tim McMann, Duluth MN; Shaun Kreyer, Hayward; Paul Brust, Rice Lake; Scott Miller, Rice Lake; Pat Hoffman, Rice Lake; Dave Mayala, Barron
10 lap Heat 1 - McMann; Adams; Brust; Prochnow; Hessler; Mayala
Heat 2 - Anderson; Miller; Kreyer; Hoffman; Mark Hanson

WISSOTA Super Stocks
20 lap Feature - Shane Kisling, Sarona; Tony Bahr, Eau Claire; Steve Thomas, Menomonie; Ben Hillman, Menomonie; Eric Olson, Ladysmith; Aaron Wilson, Menomonie; Jay Quilling, Menomonie; Scott Clark, Cameron; Cory Karshbaum, Chetek; Allen Amborn, Rice Lake; Donnie Talmage, Amery; Pat Jungerberg, Barron; Mike Siewert, Mikana; Jason Forehand, Eau Claire; Wayne Dean, Fall Creek
10 lap Heat 1 - Hillman; Thomas; Bahr; Clark; Amborn; Karshbaum; Talmage; Dean
Heat 2 - Kisling; Forehand; Quilling; Wilson; Olson; Jungerberg; Siewert

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
15 lap Feature - Cory Crapser, Chippewa Falls; Shane Halopka, Greenwood; Tito Viltz, Rice Lake; Josh Smith, Eau Claire; Ryan Viltz, Chetek; Travis Anderson, Colfax; Bryce Johnson, Barron; Zach Manley, Cameron; John Moravec, Ladysmith; Darren LaBlonde, Baldwin; Matt Leer, Bruce; Joe Chaplin Jr, Cameron
10 lap Heat 1 - Manley; Halopka; Crapser; Johnson; Anderson; LaBlonde; Dusty Brown
Heat 2 - Leer; Smith; R. Viltz; Chaplin Jr; Moravec; T. Viltz

WISSOTA Street Stocks
15 lap Feature - Doug Wojcik, Ladysmith; Nick Wojcik, Ladysmith; Adam Soltis, Ladysmith; Jay Kesan, Weyerhaeuser; Cody Kummer, Medford; Simon Wahlstrom, Rice Lake; Jared Lindner, Greenwood; Sam Fankhauser, Cameron; Josh Amans, Rice Lake; Jim Miller, Hayward; Josh Wahlstrom, Cameron; Ashley Husby, Menomonie; Joel Hinrichs, Chetek
10 lap Heat 1 - D. Wojcik; Amans; Fankhauser; Lindner; Husby; Miller; J. Wahlstrom
Heat 2 - N. Wojcik; Soltis; Kesan; Kummer; S. Wahlstrom; Hinrichs

Pure Stocks
12 lap Feature - Nick Traynor, Barron; John Erickson, Cameron; C.J. Wagner, Hayward; Jay Folz, Rice Lake; Krysta Swearingen, Little Canada MN; Dustin Doughty, Ladysmith; Bob Wahlstrom, Chetek; Mike Schnider, Rice Lake; Brandon Davis, Chetek; Kolby Kiehl, Cameron; Chad Eastman, Rice Lake; Josh Bach, Rice Lake; Kendall Grover, Rice Lake; Jon Wigchers, Rice Lake; Jamey Fisher, Rice Lake; Jake Sandmann, Barron; Mike Grover, Chetek; Cooper Berlin, Rice Lake; Rob Lowe, Luck; Gunnar Watkins, Elk Mound; Bob Thompson, Cameron
8 lap Heat 1 - Watkins; Schnider; Traynor; Thompson; Bach; Lowe; Sandmann
Heat 2 - Fisher; Wahlstrom; Erickson;Swearingen; Folz; Eastman; Kiehl
Heat 3 - Doughty; Davis; Wagner; Berlin; K. Grover; Wigchers; M. Grover

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