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  Russ Scheffler, Davis, Gilles And Wenzel Winners At EWSC
by Kathy Tienor

August 6th, 2010 Manitowoc WI, - Another great Friday evening greeted racers and fans alike when they arrived at the Manitowoc County Expo for another night of Eastern Wisconsin Stock Car racing.

The EWSC 360 Sprints presented by Bud Light entire field was pushed onto the track by their crew, and once all were clear, push started for the A Main. Ben Schmidt and Pete Ostrowski shared the front row, Tim Haddy and Kurt Davis the second, and Jeremy Schultz and Scotty Thiel the third. Thundering down for the green flag, Schmidt jumped out to an early lead and began to stretch it out with Ostrowski and Davis close at hand. The leader started lapping cars quickly, allowing the rest of the field to start chasing him down. With a wide track and several useable grooves, moves were being made all over the track. At the midpoint of the race it was Davis, Schmidt, Thiel, Scott Neitzel, and Ostrowski in the top five. As the race progressed, Davis continued to lap cars and by the end of the race had lapped up to the 12th position. At the end, the Division had run its first Green to Checkered A Main of the season with Davis taking the win followed by Neitzel, Thiel, Ostrowski, Schmidt, TJ Luedke, Haddy, Schultz, Billy Hafemann and Paul Pokorski. Hard chargers for the race were Luedke passing 10 cars, Hafemann passing 8 and Neitzel passing 6.

The 360 B Main transferred the cars of Neitzel, Danny Schlafer, Shane Wenninger, Justin Miller, Erin Winscher, and Randy Call

HEAT 1 1, Kurt Davis. 2, Paul Pokorski. 3, Scotty Thiel. 4, Eliot Kulow. 5, Justin Miller. 6, Earl Possi. 7, Mark Wernes, Jr. 8, Randy Brunette. 9, Brandon McMullen.
HEAT 2 1, Tim Haddy. 2, Scotty Neitzel. 3, Lance Fassbender. 4, TJ Luedke. 5, Danny Schlafer. 6, Shane Wenninger. 7, Brian Portschy. 8, Jeff Wilke. (DNS).
HEAT 3 1, Pete Ostrowski. 2, Jeremy Schultz. 3, Tony Wondra. 4, Al Schlafer. 5, Russ Wetenkamp. 6, Randy Call. 7, Jason Lax. 8, Marlin Bowers.
HEAT 4 1, Ben Schmidt. 2, KenJay Fiedler. 3, Samantha Portschy (DQ) 4, Terry Marten. 5, Erin Winscher. 6, Dave Lisowe. 7, Billy Hafemann. 8, Scott Mohs.
B FEATURE 1, Billy Hafemann. 2, Danny Schlafer. 3, Shane Wenninger. 4, Justin Miller. 5, Erin Winscher. 6, Randy Call. 7, Brian Portschy. 8, Randy Brunette. 9, Brandon McMullen. 10, Mark Wernes, Jr. 11, Earl Possi. 12, Dave Lisowe. 13, Samantha Portschy. 14, Scott Mohs. 15, Marlin Bowers. 16, Jason Lax. 17. Jeff Willke (DNS).
A FEATURE 1, Kurt Davis. 2, Scotty Neitzel. 3, Scotty Thiel. 4, Pete Ostrowski. 5, Ben Schmidt. 6, TJ Luedke. 7, Tim Haddy. 8, Jeremy Schultz. 9, Billy Hafemann. 10, Paul Pokorski. 11, Tony Wondra. 12, Terry Marten. 13, Danny Schlafer. 14, Randy Call. 15, Shane Wenninger. 16, KenJay Fiedler. 17, Lance Fassbender. 18, Erin Winscher. 19, Justin Miller. 20, Eliot Kulow. 21, Russ Wetenkamp. 22, Al Schlafer.

The Monster Energy EWSC Late Models rolled out, complete with 2 guest drivers from Australia. Tim Buhler and Randy Markwardt let the field, followed by Gordie Seegert Jr. and Russ Scheffler, and Rick Scheffler and Dan Sorce. At the drop of the green, quick moves by Rick and Russ Scheffler put them up front batting with Buhler and Markwardt for the lead. The yellow flew for the only time on Lap 4 for the car of Paul Dingel experiencing a flat tire on Turn 2. The restart had Buhler in the lead, followed by Markwardt, Russ, Seegert Jr., and Rick Scheffler. Immediately Rick and Russ were applying pressure to Buhler for the lead with Russ getting by for the lead on Lap 11 and Rick taking 2nd away a lap later. When the checkered flew it was Russ Scheffler picking up another win, followed across by Rick, Buhler, Markwardt, Bob Cullen, Craig Schueffner, Billy Rezutek, Seegert Jr., Jamie Mchugh, and Jim Schmidt. Rezutek was the big mover for the race passing 5 cars, and Rick, Russ, Cullen and Schmidt all passed 3 each.

HEAT 1 1, Tim Buhler. 2, Rick Scheffler. 3, Robert Cullen. 4, Billy Rezutek. 5, Jim Schmidt. 6, Nick Cochart. 7, Scott Haugstad.
HEAT 2 1, Gordie Seegert Jr. 2, Dan Sorce. 3, Russ Scheffler. 4, Dan Dippel. 5, Kyle Odekirk. 6, Dingel Bros. 7, Eric Michaels.
HEAT 3 1, Randy Markwardt. 2, Craig Schueffner. 3, Jamie McHugh. 4, Frank Geiger. 5, Brian Goetsch. 6, Al Atkinson.
A FEATURE 1, Russ Scheffler. 2, Rick Scheffler. 3, Tim Buhler. 4, Randy Markwardt. 5, Robert Cullen. 6, Craig Schueffner. 7, Billy Rezutek. 8, Gordie Seegert Jr. 9, Jamie McHugh. 10, Jim Schmidt. 11, Dan Sorce. 12, Nick Cochart. 13, Al Atkinson. 14, Kyle Odekirk. 15, Eric Michaels. 16, Brian Goetsch. 17, Scott Haugstad. 18, Dan Dippel. 19, Frank Geiger. 20, Dingel Bros.

The EWSC Grand Nationals rolled a full field on the track with several visiting drivers. Matt Jackson and Scott Houpt made up the front row of this race, Logan Rhode and Ben Stumpf the second, and Ryan Minster and Brett Wenzel the third. Jackson got out to the quick lead, followed by Rhode and Stumpf with the action being stopped for debris on Lap 3. The lead group of cars started to pull away, led by Jackson, Rhode, Ben, Gilles and Houpt. At the midway point another yellow for debris set the top 5 as Jackson, Gilles, Ben Stumpf, and Rhode. On Lap 15 Gilles took the lead from Jackson and would hold him off to take another victory. Trailing him across the stripe were Jackson, Ben Stumpf, Houpt, Brett Wenzel, Travis Grolle, Matt Vetting, Dan Schumacher, Don Bonlander, and Ryan Minster. Grand National Hard Chargers were Gilles passing 7 cars, Bonlander passing 6 and Grolle and Vetting with 3 apiece.

The Grand National B Main, slowed twice by yellows, transferred the cars of Rick Thompson, Jason Winkler, Bonlander, Nathan Wegner, Brad Juckem, Shawn Schmitt, Steven Wirtz, and Paul Perrone.

HEAT 1 1, Travis Groelle. 2, Daniel Schumacher. 3, Logan Rohde. 4, Matt Jackson. 5, Jason Winkler. 6, Don Bonlander. 7, Don Schumacher. 8, Dave/Jolene Gauger. 9, Paul Perronne.
HEAT 2 1, Bob Peter. 2, Alex Stumpf. 3, Matt Vetting. 4, Ryan Minster. 5, Dan Nelson. 6, Steven Wirtz. 7, Keith Kellenbenz. 8, Shawn Schmitt. 9, Kraig Koehler.
HEAT 3 1, Brian Gilles. 2, Brett Wenzel. 3, Scott Houpt. 4, Ben Stumpf. 5, Tim Thompson. 6, TJ Smith. 7, Brad Juckem. 8, Nathan Wegner.
B FEATURE 1, Tim Thompson. 2, Jason Winkler. 3, Don Bonlander. 4, Nathan Wegner. 5, Brad Juckem. 6, Shawn Schmitt. 7, Steven Wirtz. 8, Paul Perronne. 9, Don Schumacher. 10, Keith Kellenbenz. 11, Dan Nelson. 12, Kraig Koehler. 13, Dave/Jolene Gauger. 14, TJ Smith.
A FEATURE 1, Brian Gilles. 2, Matt Jackson. 3, Ben Stumpf. 4, Scott Houpt. 5, Brett Wenzel. 6, Travis Groelle. 7, Matt Vetting. 8, Daniel Schumacher. 9, Don Bonlander. 10, Ryan Minster. 11, Logan Rohde. 12, Alex Stumpf. 13, Jason Winkler. 14, Bob Peter. 15, Steven Wirtz. 16, Shawn Schmitt. 17, Brad Juckem. 18, Paul Perronne. 19, Tim Thompson. 20, Nathan Wegner.

The TA Motorsports Hobby Stock A Main was the final race of the evening. Lee Propson and Mark Christensen made up the front row, Kyle Resch and heat winner Brad Laurent the second and Brett Wenzel and heat winner Kevin Naidl the third. The race was only slowed once by yellow, with a lot of battles going on up front. Propson led the first lap, with Resch taking over on Lap 2. Naidl took over the top spot a lap later, and held on until Wenzel took it away on Lap 11. It was a three car battle to the finish, with Wenzel, Brad Ruh and Naidl slugging it out, and coming across the line in that order. They were followed by John Mahlberg, Dave Gauger Sr., Jeff Bender, Resch, Propson, Ray Fuller, and Steven Gretz.

HEAT 1 1, Brad Laurent. 2, Brett Wenzel. 3, Lee Propson. 4, Todd Mott. 5, Ray Fuller. 6, John Mahlberg. 7, Dave Gauger, Sr.. 8, Will Clark.
HEAT 2 1, Kevin Naidl. 2, Kyle Resch. 3, Mark Christensen. 4, Steven Gretz. 5, Jeff Bender. 6, Chris Gilson. 7, Bradley Ruh. (DQ).
A FEATURE 1, Brett Wenzel. 2, Bradley Ruh. 3, Kevin Naidl. 4, John Mahlberg. 5, Dave Gauger, Sr.. 6, Jeff Bender. 7, Kyle Resch. 8, Lee Propson. 9, Ray Fuller. 10, Steven Gretz. 11, Todd Mott. 12, Will Clark. 13, Mark Christensen. 14, Brad Laurent. 15, Chris Gilson (DNS)

Come out and join us Friday Night, August 13th for the George Scheffler Memorial Race for the Late Models, Defaut Auto Salvage Night at the Races and Back to School Night for the youngsters. Racing begins at 7 PM.

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