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  Zdroik Captures Eight And Kallas Takes Five At Tomahawk Speedway
by Gene Harmelink

On what proved to be the best night of the week in the weather department, Tomahawk Speedway in Tomahawk, WI, hosted a very busy race night with makeup features in the Pure Stock, Bandit, and ATV divisions, plus a complete night of racing in all divisions.

The largest crowd of the year and an extremely fast and smooth track greeted the racers as they Pure Stocks took to the track for their make-up feature.

Chris Nylund took an early lead after starting on the outside of the front row. The young Nylund never looked back as Ladysmith, WI, brothers, Doug and Nick Wojcik fought it out for second. The fifteen-year-old Nylund went on to win his first ever feature, leading every lap, with Doug Wojcik, Nick Wojcik, track points leader, Wayne Eskola, and Austyn Booth filling out the top five.

The Four Cylinder Bandits were up next for their makeup feature with Gunard Hoogland on the pole. Hoogland took an early lead, leading the first eleven laps of the feature with track point?s leader, Kasey Gross, giving chase for five laps. It was Jay Wilberding, though, who proved to be the strongest of the field as he took the lead with four laps to go, after starting fourth. Rounding out the top five were: Hoogland, Bill Martin, Gross, and John Barlowski.

Winners in the ATV make-up features were: Jesse Maki in the MX division and Kyle Komarek in the Flat Track Division.

In the night?s regular races, Jason Zdroik was looking to make it eight for eight as he started fifth in the WISSOAT Midwest Modified feature. It was young, John Johnson, Jr., though, who would prove to be the strength of the field early as he led the first twelve laps of the feature, after starting on the outside of the front row. Bruce Belland, who had started third, ran second for the first nine laps, loosing that spot to Zdroik at the end of lap ten.

Lap thirteen saw Zdroik make the pass on Johnson, with whom he had been running side by side for three laps. Johnson and Belland then ran side-by-side for four or five laps as Zdroik pulled away from the field, taking the win and completing a sweep for the night. Rounding out the top five were: Belland, Johnson, Jr., Steve Brown who ran a consistent fourth all race long, and Jeff McDonald, who had started seventh. This was Zdroik?s eighth win in his Big Johnson Racing-sponsored Midwest Modified.

Rookie, Matt Troutman, started on the pole for the WISSOTA Street Stock feature with his brother, Keith, to his outside. Matt Troutman took the lead early and led for the first four laps with his brother Keith dropping to second and eventually to fourth. With Matt Troutman in the lead, Jeff Hoogland, who had started fourth and track point?s leader, John Kallas, who had started fifth, fought it out for second. At the end of lap five, it was Hoogland who would take the lead from Troutman, as Kallas and Troutman then fought it out for second for a few laps.

By lap seven, Hoogland was still in the lead, but Kallas was gaining as he and Hoogland dueled it out side-by-side for the next five laps, with Kallas making the pass to take the lead with six or seven left to go. Kallas went on to win, completing a sweep and getting his fifth win of the season in his Gentile Construction-sponsored car. Rounding out the top five were: Hoogland, Keith Troutman, Matt Troutman, and Bill Froelich, who had started third.

Jeff Fannin and Travis Friske were on the front row for the start of the Tomahawk Pure Stock feature. Fannin was off to a quick lead , leading the first ten laps of the feature with Nick Wojcik who had started third, and Wayne Eskola, who had started sixth, giving chase. As lap eleven was completed, Nick Wojcik took the lead, with Fannin dropping to second, while brother, Doug, who had started seventh and had passed Eskola during lap nine ran third, with Eskola dropping to fourth. Eskola spun at the end of lap eleven, dashing his hopes for a top five and he was replaced by Ken Schram, who had started fifth. In the end, Nick Wojcik was the winner in his Jerry?s Amoco-sponsored car with brother, Doug, coming in second. Rounding out the top five were: Schram, Austyn Booth, who had started ninth, and Eskola who had worked his way back up from the back of the field.

In Four Cylinder Bandit action, Gunard Hoogland and Kasey Gross started on the front row. Hoogland took an early lead, leading for the first four laps. Hoogland lost the battle for the lead, with Jay Wilberding, who had started third, taking the lead by the end of lap five. It was during lap six that Hoogland?s night ended when he rolled his car coming out of turn one. Hoogland was ok and his car ended up on its wheels, but his night was over, as his car?s battery was broken. With Hoogland out of contention, Bill Martin, who had started seventh, moved up to second, after running fourth. Michael Warga, who had started fifth, fought tooth and nail with Martin for second, but Martin edged out Warga in the end. Wilberding took the win in his Discount Trash-sponsored Bandit with Martin, Warga, Brit Bromann, who had started sixth, and Kurt Komarek, who had started fourth, rounding out the top five.

In the MX ATV feature, Jesse Maki was again victorious, making a last lap pass over Ted Komarek. In the Flat Tract ATV feature, Kyle Komarek dominated to take the win.

Tomahawk Speedway
June 5, 2009
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
20-Lap Feature: Jason Zdroik, Bruce Belland, John Johnson, Jr. Steve Brown, Jeffery McDonald, Dennis Mikkelson, Mark Kralicek, Mickey Nosser
Heat: Zdroik, Belland, Johnson, Jr., Brown, Mikkelson, Kralicek, Nosser, McDonald

WISSOTA Street Stocks
20-Lap Feature: John Kallas, Jeff Hoogland, Keith Troutman, Matt Troutman, Bill Froelich, Cliff Houle
Heat: Kallas, Hoogland, Froelich, K Troutman, M Troutman, Houle

Tomahawk Pure Stocks
15-Lap Feature: Nick Wojcik, Doug Wojcik, Ken Schram, Austyn Booth, Wayne Eskola, Chris Nylund, Jeff Fannin, Travis Friske, CJ Hedges, Jr., Paul Bushar, KJ Fox, Lee Schuppler, Alex Durand
Heat 1: N Wojcik, D Wojcik, Schram, Bushar, Fox, Bushar
Heat 2: Fannin, Nylund, Eskola, Friske, Booth, Hedges, Jr., Durand
Make-Up Feature: Chris Nylund, Doug Wojcik, Nick Wojcik, Wayne Eskola, Austyn Booth, Ken Schram, Alex Durand, John Jarrett, Jr., KJ Fox, Paul Bushar, Jeff Fannin

Tomahawk Bandits
15-Lap Feature: Jay Wilberding, Bill Martin, Michael Warga, Brit Bromann, Kurt Komarek, Dustin Smith, Alex Knoebel, Bob Schult, Andrew Mosher, Fred Feger, Alyssa Garske, John Barlowski, Kasey Gross, Gunard Hoogland, Travis Smith
Heat 1: Hoogland, Wilberding, Gross, Bromann, Barlowski, D Smith, Knoebel, T Smith
Heat 2: Martin, Warga, Komarek, Feger, Schult, Mosher, Garske
Make-Up Feature: Jay Wilberding, Gunard Hoogland, Bill Martin, Kasey Gross, John Barlowski, Travis Smith, Kurt Komarek, Michael Warga, Terry Collins, Fred Feger, Bob Schult, Andrew Mosher

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